UN Calls on Burundi Government to Address Ongoing Human Rights Violations

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UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said in a New York Press Conference that the United Nations is urging the Government of Burundi to fight against political violence and growing restrictions on certain fundamental freedoms.

UN Political Affairs Under Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman said that the restrictions on political rights and freedoms were startling. Inter-ethnic fighting between the Hutu and Tutsi tribesmen have forced the restrictions on human rights. According to Stephane Dujarric, if no action is taken and human rights violations continue to happen, the young can be used for afflicting violence in different areas of the country.

Under Secretary-General Feltman said that they have reports that showed the violence was mainly initiated by the youth wing of the current ruling party (CNFDD-FDD), including arming and training the youth wing.

Dujarric said that in part of Burundi’s past, they trust the Government of Burundi to address thoroughly and promptly the ongoing political violence and human rights restrictions in the country. He said that the international community, not just the UN, is concerned over such developments.

He said that the country will take steps to protect political pluralism and the democracy by which its government had been found. Press and civil limitations on the freedoms of expression, of association and peaceful assembly and media and civil society organisations, shall be lifted by the Government.


Burundi Diplomat Expelled From South Africa for Collaborating With an Illegal Raid

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A Burundi diplomat had been expelled from South Africa for collaborating with suspects who had raided a former Rwandan Army Chief General’s home. According to local news, the Rwandan Army Chief General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa’s home on March 4.

The Burundi government is currently reviewing information regarding South Africa’s decision before reacting to the situation.

Currently Burundi and South Africa have a diplomatic spat because of the said incident. Last week, South Africa had expelled three Rwandan diplomats and Burundi retaliated by expelling six South African diplomats.

According to an intelligence source in South Africa, the South African security services had tracked down the individuals responsible for the raid of the ex-Army Chief’s house and intelligence feed showed that the individuals were Rwandan intelligence personnel linked to the embassy.

Army Chief General Fausting Kayumba Nyamwasa had been the target of several assassination attempts. In 2010, he was shot in the stomach during the middle of the day and underwent surgery in a Johannesburg clinic. The gunmen wanted to ensure his death by emptying their guns on his stomach.

He had been an opposition figure against South African President Paul Kagame and had been critical of his government. He had gone into exile after leaving his position in the military due to his voracious assaults against Kagame’s government.


Taking Care of a Very Difficult Compensation Claim Situation

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When you are in the middle of making no win no fee compensation claims, you can get frustrated, which leads to instant confusion and discouragement. Remember, when you’re making a compensation claim, you’re fighting for your right or the right of the person involved. In a very difficult compensation claim situation, always remember the following.

1. You Have Access to Legal Resources
When you are working with a compensation solicitor or a claims expert, remember they are valuable data banks. They can advise you about the implications of evidences you have, the possible facts it carries and the possible amount of compensation you could receive. You can use their experience to help you sort out a pattern from a previous claim that might be similar to your own.

2. Be Patient
Parties responsible may refuse you instantly along with insurers. Remember, just keep calm and be patient; if you rush things, you’ll forget to see many things in proper detail and you could end up with a weak argument in your claim. Remember, you want to get every detail of argument in your claim that you could get.

3. Stick to the Facts
Never let your frustration guide your intentions. Never make a claim that has no fact. Always stick by your evidences and from there, you can understand what needs to be done. If you cannot understand what the facts are showing for the circumstances of the claim, take a break from making it and return to it with a fresh mind.

Being Eligible for PPI Claims

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A huge number of people have been affected by the mis-sold PPI and are looking for an effective way to get their PPI claims. Ever since the court ruling in favor of the public has emerged, the compensation procedure has become an easy one.

Validating PPI Claims

PPI policy is basically an optional service and it does not any way influence your chances of receiving credit. But most of the people who have taken the policy are ignorant of the fact. The PPI scam has emerged mainly due to banks and financial services selling the policy as part of the mortgage, store card, credit card, loan, and other credit settlements. If you have bought such a policy, you are eligible for a PPI refund.

Misleading Agreements

You are always eligible for a PPI help if you happen to throw yourself into the following circumstances.

  • You can also get PPI assistance regarding the claim if you have taken a loan or mortgage where the cost involved in the PPI and its exact nature was not properly explained to you.
  • In some cases while filling in form on the net, the PPI box may be pre-ticked which also makes a case for claiming the refund.
  • If you were out of a job for any reasons or had a medical condition during the time of taking the policy and its terms and conditions were not made clear to you, you can get PPI help.

Generally, most of the insurance policies have age restriction that range from 65 to 70 years of age. If you were above the maximum limit outlined in the PPI agreement at the time of taking the insurance, you are eligible for compensation. There are instances where the policy may have expired before the loan repayment ended thus leaving you unprotected. This is the fault of the provider as proper advice regarding the suitability of the policy was not given and hence you can apply for PPI claims.

Torrential Burundi Rain Kills 77 People in Flood

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Latest numbers from the Red Cross left 12,000 people displaced in Burundi while 77 people have died due to floods and landslides in the area.

Torrential rains have caused massive floods in the northern areas of the country, destroying properties and other essential infrastructures. Families report missing members and relatives when the floods hit during the weekend.

According to Alexis Manirakiza, the Burundi Red Cross spokesperson, at least 1,000 houses had been destroyed by the continuous assault of the rain and they have numbered 77 deaths, many of which were women and children. He added that it is possible the number could rise in the coming weeks.

The government had declared a state of calamity in Burundi and they declared two days of national mourning on Tuesday for the victims of the flooding. Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza had called for national and international assistance to help the affected families in Burundi.

According to meterologists, the storms are unlikely to end until the first week of March.

Security Minister Gabriel Nizigima had said many of the victims who died had their houses collapse over them during the storm. He also said some were swept away by the huge floods.


Burundi Spends More In 2014 For Infrastructure Development

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The Burundi government announced plans to increase their infrastructure development spending by 2.5% to 1.4 trillion francs ($910 million) in 2014. The infrastructures they will develop include agriculture, energy, business and residential properties. Burundi’s Finance Ministry specified such in a report on Tuesday.

The Burundi Senate passed the budget Monday.

The new spending increase will have tax revenues increasing to 651.2 billion francs from 565.6 billion in 2013. Burundi’s efforts to fight corruption and steadily improving its modernisation helped in the betterment of its tax collection and spending.

Burundi’s economy is set to increase by 5.4% by experts. Earlier in 2013, the experts estimated 4.8% growth for the following year.

The 2014 Burundi budget will allow the government to get 674.1 billion francs worth of grants from the 711.9 billion grant it received the previous year from international donors and investors.

Passenger Jet Wing Slices Through South African Building

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A British Airways airplane had its wing smashed into a building while landing in a runway at Johannesburg’s Tambo International Airport. The passenger jet’s wing sliced through a building in the evening of Sunday. The spokesman for Oxfam, Harriet Tolputt, said that no one during the flight was injured. However, it was unknown if anybody was in the building during the time of the crash.

british airlines

The airline provided hotel rooms for the passengers for the evening after the accident.

However, Tolputt said that she did not like the idea that first class passengers need to get off first before the economy fliers when the emergency happened in the economy area.

Ghastly Crash Landing Message

Meanwhile, a British Airways flight from Miami to London terrified its passengers when an automated voice message briefed passengers about the plane crashing by error. A crew member announced that the pre-recorded announcement was played by error and there was no risk of crashing.

However, passengers were deeply rattled by the message. Families and children were disturbed and people were crying as the message played at three in the morning.

The plane landed safely on Saturday with apologies from the management of the British Airways to their passengers.


Soccer Captain Akizimana said that Kenyan Coach Amrouche Did All the Work

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Burundi’s team captain is singing great praises about Kenyan coach Adel Amrouche for serving as their inspiration while in training, which contributed greatly to their qualification in the Africa Nations Championships the following year. They are now scheduled to head for the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup on Wednesday.

Captain Hassan Akizimana said that Amrouche did a very good job while he was in Burundi. He greatly challenged the team to dream big, endure their limitations and surpass them, and told them that their intensive training was the road to their success in the play-offs.

Akizimana said that Amrouche had also helped many Burundi and other African players to play in the professional league while he was in Burundi. Akizimana believes that Amrouche had raised the level of the sport while he was training other players.

The team captain is confident that his team will reach semi-finals in the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup and their achievements will help them during their competition in South Africa the following year.

Burundi had defeated Zambia and Tanzania during the previous years. Their new opponents do not make them jittery of their potential win because the defeated Zambia 3-1 in Ethiopia and had a draw with Tanzania the previous year.


African Countries Including Burundi Lead Business Regulation Improvement Endeavour

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Cote d’lvoire, Rwanda and Burundi were among the 10 economies in Sub-Saharan Africa creating plenty of reforms aimed to make the regulation easier for local proprietors according to a World Bank Group report. The report was based from 2009 to the previous year.

Out of 47 economies in the Sub-Saharan area, 31 of them implemented a business regulatory reform in the previous year. Rwanda created many reforms in the region. Burundi focused on property registration.

According to the World Bank Group Global Indicators and Analysis Director Augusto Lopez-Claros, the numbers that show Sub-Saharan Africa’s endeavour for reforms are very encouraging. However, he said that more could still be done to improve the quality of business in the country.

Establishing business in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa had never been easier according to investors all around the world. New businesses and easier acquisition of properties, notably in the Burundi area, were becoming a great boon for business.

The World Bank Group’s report is based on a report by a joint endeavour between the Group and Doing Business, an organisation observing business activities and laws in Africa and the entire world. Their observations in regulations include start-up operations,  trading across borders, paying taxes and insolvency.

PPI Refunds Can Give UK A “Happy” Christmas

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According to forecasts, the rise of 2.2% in consumer spending activities is the result of consumers that banks rightfully refunded. With banks setting aside more than £11 billion in compensation for claims, with a better PPI claims process, the UK economy should have a very “happy” Christmas season.

Economists said that customers refunded their insurance repayments have increased the number of new car registrations in the country. Consumer spending had also mobilized local markets. Aside from the country’s growth and lending schemes, PPI refunds were better than quantitative easing, even tax returns and reductions.

They also said that the consumer confidence increase means greater spending and the Christmas season will probably see a great increase in activity for the entire UK business industries.

PPI is an insurance product that could repay your loan or mortgage repayments if you get sick or have an accident. Because of the manner it was mis sold, many did not realize they were excluded from the insurance’s terms upon purchase. To ensure you get back your refunds, contact a PPI calculator company today.

The economists also pointed out that food would be the primary spending arena for many consumers as it is driven by inflation. The discounts from non-food sectors may offset the number of consumers in food markets.

If you want to know the precise amount of refunds owed to you, you can use a PPI calculator most claims management companies provide online.