The industrial revolution 4.0 has brought great technological advances, the internet of things (IoT), Machine learning and Blockchain have been part of this so-called revolution. The benefits have been multiple, the applications are still in development and thousands of startups around the world continue to innovate to take advantage and combine technologies to provide more complete tools and solutions.

In this opportunity, we will be talking about the amalgamation of these three technologies in the health sector, which today has been so hit and tested by the effects of the coronavirus.

Blockchain IoT and ML is an amazing trio of emerging technologies. Blockchain technology makes data safer, ML analyzes it and IoT makes it safer. It is estimated that in the next few decades, a blockchain-based ecosystem will emerge and it will be this technology that will reduce several problems such as

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, growth opportunities, identity management, supply chain governance and many more.

The use of IOs in health care

It is estimated that the implementation of more IoT solutions in the health sector would improve the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. During this terrible pandemic that has hit the world, some countries have found a helping hand in technology, so the usability of the resources at hand must be taken into account.

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IoT in medical solutions is starting to become a reality more quickly than might be expected. Some studies indicate that both Blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning will be the fundamental basis of attention in the coming years.

Applications integrated to Smart watches or smartphones on heart rates, calorie counting, exercise hours, walking meters, are becoming more common. So much that they go unnoticed, and as such are not taken into account as instruments that tend to maintain a reliable report of data associated with the user, despite this, this is about to change.

With the help of real-time devices, it will allow doctors to diagnose the health of doctors in real time. IoT devices have enormous potential to improve the treatment process of patients and save their lives. It will make it easier for doctors to monitor critical patients.

How Machine Learning can be used in healthcare

The bots are a tool anchored to the data supplied by the devices equipped with IoT, which turns them, so to speak, into assistant chatbots that allow the user to have basic advice by taking the data supplied by the device.

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Following the example of smart clocks, as it records information that alludes to a specific condition, the bot supported by the data provided will issue smart alerts, i.e. it necessarily needs to interact with the bearer through comments for the purpose of terminating the service, for example.

Another significant use of Machine Learning in health care is that it leads physicians to easily store information. In addition, analysis can be done in a better way. It will also minimize waiting time in healthcare.

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