Bitcoin ETF: Next filing towards SEC comes from Fidelity

This week there are again new very prominent applications for a Bitcoin ETF to report. In addition to Goldman Sachs, the giant among asset managers – Fidelity – is also starting an attempt.

A subsidiary of the investment giant Fidelity is the next candidate to try it with an application for a Bitcoin ETF at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On Wednesday, the Bitcoin Future corresponding Form S-1 was filed with the authority. At its core, the application seeks approval for the „Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust“, an exchange-traded fund with several ties to Fidelity. This is of course noteworthy in that Fidelity is one of the world’s largest asset managers.

Fidelity affiliates serve as the fund’s sponsor, administrator, custodian and trustee, according to the filing. The fund would track the performance of Fidelity’s Bitcoin Index. Peter Jubber, the managing director of Fidelity Digital Funds, would serve as president of the trust.

Fidelity also has crypto-friendly reputation

Fidelity had already published a sensational study on Bitcoin last autumn. It predicted that constantly falling bond yields and the expansive monetary policy of central banks would encourage many large asset managers to make investments in Bitcoin.

In addition, Fidelity was one of the first large asset managers to get involved with crypto stocks. In 2014, they began mining Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH). In the same year, Abigail Johnson took over as CEO of the company from her father. Given Fidelity’s importance for the US capital market, the pressure on the SEC to approve the application for the first Bitcoin ETF is increasing.

And that, in turn, could have an impact on the countless other Bitcoin ETF applications that have been received by the SEC in recent weeks and months.

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Et mislykket rebound over $ 50.000 ser ud til at vende niveauet tilbage til modstand, da $ 47.000 bliver et nyt prisfokus.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) udvidede sine tab den 23. februar, da salgspres for første gang på over en uge tog markederne under $ 47.000.

Frisk dykning tager BTC / USD til 8-dages nedture

Data fra Cointelegraph Markets og TradingView tegnede et dystert billede for tyre tirsdag, da BTC / USD ramte laveste værdi på $ 45.000 på Bitstamp.

Tabene vender et rebound, der stoppede mandags 20% prisnedbrud fra nogensinde højder nær $ 58.000. Bitcoin hoppede til $ 47.400 på dagen for at vende tilbage til $ 54.000, før en frisk dukkert tog fat.

På tidspunktet for skrivningen fungerede $ 47.000 igen som en eller anden form for fokus for støtte, med banen stadig uklar midt i kraftig volatilitet.

Analyse af købs- og salgspositioner gav lidt håb om tab som følge af, at dette niveau mislykkedes, og supporten manglede under $ 46.500.

$ 50.000 indstillet til at blive modstand igen

For analytikere var imidlertid udsigten til en mere seriøs retracement ikke noget at frygte. Sammenlignet med tidligere prisfald var den nuværende en dråbe i havet.

„Vi har oplevet 2018 og 2019. Dette er ikke noget,“ opsummerede Cointelegraph Markets-analytiker Michaël van de Poppe til Twitter-tilhængere.

I en ledsagende YouTube-opdatering forudsagde han, at der burde bære fat i, at Bitcoin kunne være med til hvad der er klassisk opførsel i marts måned, som traditionelt ser korrektioner.

„Nærmer sig hoppende region for Bitcoin. Jeg tror, ​​vi er tæt på nu,“ tilføjede en yderligere tweet .

„Modstandszone på $ 48.500 og $ 51.000.“

Som Cointelegraph rapporterede , spænder teorierne om nedturen fra hvalsalg til naturlige markedscyklusser.

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Ein Tag der Rekorde für die Krypto-Assets. Bitcoin marschierte über $52,600, BNB brach $180, Ethereum spiked auf nördlich von $1,900, und die Marktkapitalisierung näherte sich $1.6T.

Die vergangenen 24 Stunden brachten weitere neue Rekorde im Kryptobereich, beginnend mit dem Durchbruch von BTC über $52.500 für ein neues Allzeithoch. Zahlreiche Altcoins folgten ihrem Vorreiter, darunter Ethereum (über $1.900) und Binance Coin nördlich von $180.

Bitcoin sieht ein weiteres ATH

Seit dem Eintauchen auf $46.000 am Montag ist Bitcoin auf einer Träne, wie es brach seine Allzeithochs Rekorde bei mehreren Gelegenheiten.

Wie bereits Anfang der Woche berichtet, kletterte BTC zum ersten Mal über $50.000 und hat seitdem nicht mehr zurückgeblickt. In der Tat hat es seine Gewinne nur verstärkt, als das Preisschild $51,000 etwas schnell fiel.

Bitcoin setzte seinen Marsch nach oben in den letzten 24 Stunden fort, indem er $52.000 eroberte und sein neuestes Allzeithoch über $52.600 erreichte (auf Bitstamp).

Mit diesem Rekord war BTC nur $20 Milliarden davon entfernt, die Marktkapitalisierung von $1 Billion zu übertreffen. Nichtsdestotrotz ist die Dominanz von Bitcoin nach dem gestrigen kurzen Anstieg wieder auf 61% gesunken, da die Altcoins sich der Party angeschlossen haben.

Neue Rekorde im Altcoin-Bereich

Wie oben erwähnt, sind die meisten alternativen Münzen gestern im Vergleich zu ihrem Anführer ins Stocken geraten, aber sie sind in den letzten 24 Stunden auf den Bullenzug aufgesprungen. Ethereum führt mit einem Anstieg von 6%. CryptoPotato berichtete über das neueste ATH von ETH, das bei etwa $1.920 lag.

Binance Coin ist ein weiterer Rekord-Brecher. BNB ist seit gestern um fast 50% in die Höhe geschossen und brach über $180. Es hat ein bisschen von seinem Intraday-Spitze zurückgegangen, aber ist immer noch den Handel heiß. Der Wert ist seit dem 27. Januar, als er bei $40 dilettierte, um 350% gestiegen.

Polkadot (3%), Cardano (10%), Ripple (4%), Litecoin (6%), und Bitcoin Cash (1.5%) sind auch im Grün der Top 10. Einige niedrig- und mittelkapitalisierte Altcoins haben ebenfalls beeindruckende Wertzuwächse verzeichnet. Bancor (40%), Venus (34%), Horizen (33%), PancakeSwap (33%), Fantom (26%), und Polygon (25%) führen.

Natürlich bedeuteten all diese Gewinne auch einen neuen Rekord für die gesamte Marktkapitalisierung. Die kumulative Marktkapitalisierung aller Cryptocurrency-Vermögenswerte lag bei knapp 1,6 Billionen US-Dollar. Die Metrik ist um mehr als $700 Milliarden seit Mitte Januar.

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The Indian government’s bill proposes to “ban all private cryptocurrencies”.

The proposed law introduces the regulatory framework for the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Indian government has proposed a plan to „ban all private cryptocurrencies“ and introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

New bill

Cryptocurrency holders in India were caught off guard and left in confusion after the announcement on Friday, January 29 that the country’s parliament would consider a government-backed bill that would ban privately-sourced cryptocurrency. Since the ruling party controls both houses of parliament, the chances of this bill passing are relatively high.

Bill 2021 aims to ban cryptocurrencies in India and provide a framework for the creation of an official digital currency that would be issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

According to observers, the definition of the term „private“ given by the government could imply that any non-sovereign cryptocurrency could be considered as a currency to be banned such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Nischal Shetty, CEO of WazirX, a Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange:

A country as large as India should at least make an effort to understand the underlying terminologies before bringing tech-related bills to parliament – it seems like a rushed step.

India, a long history

A few years ago, India had already considered banning cryptocurrency. In April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India banned banks from doing business with companies doing business in cryptocurrency. However, the Indian Supreme Court overturned this decision in March 2020.

In addition, the old bill dating from June 2020 was more severe than that of 2021. Indeed, the government had proposed a 10-year prison sentence for cryptocurrency traders. The new 2021 bill does not mention a prison sentence.

And maybe there is some hope in the muddled language of the bill. The text mentions „certain exceptions“ to the ban in order to promote the technology.

But could this exception just be a CBDC?

The Thai stock exchange does not want crypto currencies to be included in its new digital asset trading platform.

The Thai Stock Exchange, or SET, plans to launch a digital asset trading platform in the second half of 2021, but it will not include cryptomoney.

The Bangkok Post’s headline, „Digital asset trading is imminent,“ appears at first glance to be bullish for the region’s industry, but the report notes that the exchange does not want to include crypto-currencies:

„The SET says that crypto currencies do not meet its product qualifications and could facilitate money laundering, while damaging the exchange’s image as a ‚high trust‘ exchange.
The exchange has established three criteria for adding tokens to the platform backed by assets from approved companies; First, the token must have an underlying asset that investors can „analyse for value“. It must be a „valuable product that supports economic Crypto Profit activities“, and the product must „have benefits for society and the environment“.

Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG), a branch of Kasikorn Bank that has been working closely with SET on blockchain projects, will be responsible for the search and selection of products entering the new market.

Jack Ma reappears in a new video after a „disappearance“ of almost three months
SET’s Executive Vice President, Kitti Sutthiatthasil, said that crypt coins such as Bitcoin do not meet any of the established criteria. He cited money laundering as one of the main concerns and said that the stability of the currency was also the reason for the omission:

„Thailand has a strong economy. As inflation has been low and the Bank of Thailand’s measures to keep the baht stable have worked in the past, SET has no reason to support the cryptosystems at this time“.
Bitcoin prices and altcoins corrected after Yellen’s criticism of ‚illicit financing
In fact, Thailand’s economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism, has been affected over the last 12 months by the Covid-19 outbreak and the Kingdom is largely closed to foreigners.

The Thai exchange was ordered to solve its problems
In related news, the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC ordered Thailand’s largest crypto exchange, Bitkub, to resume operations after a series of prolonged disruptions during the recent upswing.

According to The Bangkok Post, the Bitkub desktop trading platform closed on Tuesday, January 19, following an SEC order that revised the cryptoregulations in November. The financial regulator gave the firm five days to fix problems that had blocked the platform three times this month due to spikes in trading activity.

Thai crypto firms seek to increase liquidity with new regulations
Bitkub currently has a 97% market share in Thailand based on account volume and daily trading. The company reported that the total number of active accounts increased to nearly 800,000 in the first week of January, while volumes shot up to $50 million per day.

At the time of writing, Thailand’s main crypto currency exchange was still offline and investors and traders do not have access to their funds.

Une autre façon d’acheter des bitcoins sous forme d’actions a fait surface.

Une société appelée Osprey Funds propose un fonds de Bitcoin (BTC) de gré à gré sous le symbole OBTC. Ce trust est similaire au Bitcoin Trust de Grayscale, connu sous le nom de GBTC.

„L’Osprey Bitcoin Trust permet d’accéder facilement aux bitcoins“, peut-on lire sur le site web de l’entreprise. „Avec des frais de gestion de 0,49%, c’est la solution la moins chère“. Osprey est une entité qui „construit des solutions d’actifs numériques pour les investisseurs intelligents“, revendiquant l’OBTC comme son „offre phare“, ajoute le site web.

„L’OBTC a commencé à être cotée sur le marché OTC aujourd’hui, vendredi 1/15“, a déclaré le PDG d’Osprey Funds, Greg King, à Cointelegraph, ajoutant :

„Au 1/14, le produit remplissait les conditions pour être coté sous le ticker OBTC sur le marché OTC. Au cours des 30 prochains jours, le fonds cherchera à obtenir l’éligibilité au DTC et après le 14 février, tous les autres teneurs de marché seront autorisés à le coter. Après cette date, il sera considéré comme „entièrement lancé““.

Le concurrent Grayscale est devenu l’un des plus grands détenteurs de Bitcoin au monde, possédant plus de 500 000 BTC en novembre 2020. L’entreprise est à l’origine de la GBTC, qui sert à acheter Bitcoin sous forme d’actions. Chaque action de GBTC représente une fraction de Bitcoin – 0,00094 BTC par action au moment de la publication, selon le site web de Grayscale. Les parties intéressées achètent et vendent des actions sur le marché hors cote, disponible sur les plateformes de courtage classiques.

La GBTC, en partie, offre au public un accès plus facile à Bitcoin par des moyens plus traditionnels, sans exiger qu’il conserve ses propres fonds. Le Bitcoin Trust de Grayscale est toutefois assorti de frais de gestion annuels de 2 %. Le trust BTC récemment dévoilé par Osprey propose des frais de 0,49%. Selon Bloomberg Intelligence, „Osprey essaie probablement de s’emparer d’une partie de cette part de marché en sous-cotant les frais de la BTC“, a écrit Bloomberg dans un rapport vendredi. Osprey a fait appel à Fidelity comme gardien de l’entreprise.

„Nous sommes toujours heureux de voir les produits d’accès aux devises numériques entrer sur le marché, surtout ici aux États-Unis“, a déclaré à Bloomberg Michael Sonnenshein, PDG de Grayscale.

„Les investisseurs accrédités doivent payer un minimum de 25 000 dollars pour acheter directement dans le trust“, a écrit M. Bloomberg. „Les actions ont une période de blocage d’un an avant de pouvoir être vendues sur le marché secondaire.“ En revanche, le Bitcoin Trust de Grayscale exige que les actifs soient bloqués pendant six mois. Osprey pourrait cependant voir sa période de blocage de 12 mois réduite de moitié à l’avenir, sur la base des commentaires de King à Bloomberg.

Wilshire Phoenix, une entreprise d’investissement, a déposé une demande pour un produit similaire auprès de la Securities and Exchange Commission en juin 2020.

Bitcoin ha empezado el 2021 con una explosión. Esto es lo que los inversores y analistas piensan que está impulsando la subida (y la bajada de hoy) así como las predicciones de lo que pasará después.

Este episodio está patrocinado por

Descargar este episodio

El final de diciembre fue un momento trascendental en la historia de Bitcoin. No contento con superar la barrera psicológica de los 20.000 dólares, el precio de Bitcoin se disparó casi hasta los 30.000 dólares, aunque habría que esperar hasta el año nuevo para llegar a la nueva marca.

En este episodio, NLW analiza las interpretaciones de por qué BTC está subiendo, por qué bajó hoy y qué piensan los analistas e inversores que sucederá a continuación. Este análisis incluye:

  • Evidencia de FOMO institucional, incluyendo un aumento en las direcciones de las ballenas bitcoin
  • Salidas masivas de Coinbase Pro durante el fin de semana
  • El impacto de las liquidaciones de derivados que ocurrieron el lunes por la mañana
  • Comentario de los escritorios de la OTC sobre las posibilidades del Q1 2021