NFTs continue to enjoy great popularity. Several portals report record sales for the third portal.

The boom in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continues

In particular, the operation on peer-to-peer marketplaces has given the trading volume a huge boost. From digital art to basketball , NFTs have a wide variety of use cases. Demand has risen sharply lately: As the crypto analysis company Messari reports, the trading volume with NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain has meanwhile exceeded the mark of 120 million US dollars.

With the Arbismart wallet and arbitrage trading platform, thousands of investors earn passive income (10.8-45% per year). The fully automated crypto arbitrage platform offers low risk, high return investments. ArbiSmart is EU licensed and regulated.

After that, the demand for NFTs has also increased due to the gaming industry. The French gaming giant Ubisoft has even developed an entire game around NFTs. The research also reveals which tokens were the most popular. These include, for example, cards with luminaries in the crypto industry such as Hayden Adams from Uniswap or the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

The number of users who are using the peer-to-peer NFT marketplace OpenSeainteracted, is now over 25,000. Founded in early 2018 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in the slipstream of CryptoKitties, the platform recorded a record volume of 2 million US dollars in September alone. OpenSea now has between 600 and 700 legitimate projects.

Digital art also fuels NFTs

The marketplace for digital art Rarible was also on the rise in the third quarter of 2020. Here the volume rose to more than 10 million US dollars. By constantly buying and selling NFTs, the traders were able to earn the RARI token.

Dapper Labsalso has record sales . On the one hand, the company founded the flow blockchain including the flow token, which enables NFTs to interact with one another. The underlying system wants to ensure scalability without impairing decentralization or fragmenting the network. Behind this is the idea that the ongoing boom in NFTs could overload Ethereum’s infrastructure in the near future. Critics have already pointed out the high electricity and gas costs and the sluggish performance several times.

Then at Dapper Labs came the extremely successful sales of the NBA Top Shot collectibles. All copies were sold out within a few minutes. The latest series, titled „The Finals,“ featured nine special moments from the NBA finals. Eventually the legendary Los Angeles Lakers secured victory. A recent blog post mentions sales of nearly 8,600 NBA collectibles in P2P for the past two weeks for a grand total of approximately $ 330,000.

Bitcoin price rebounded from a minor support area.

We see support at $ 10,350 and $ 10,115.

Resistors can be found at $ 10,638 and $ 10,800

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The price of Bitcoin Evolution has been rising since the low of September 21. This rise seems corrective, however, and BTC should complete another brief downward movement before resuming its bullish movement.

After hitting a low at $ 10,286 on September 21, BTC began an upward movement, which is still ongoing. So far, it has only managed to hit a local high of $ 10,573.

A weak rebound for Bitcoin

The rebound took place at the 0.618 fibonacci level, which is also the minor support at $ 10,350. The next support area is at the fibonacco 0.786 level, near the $ 10,115. The closest resistance is at $ 10,800.

Technical indicators are not showing any sign of a turnaround yet. The MACD has declined over the past three days and turned negative. The RSI has yet to generate any bearish divergence, and is not yet oversold.

The shorter term chart indicates that the current movement would likely be a retracement rather than the start of a new upward movement. Until then, the course was rejected by the fibonacci level 0.382 and relapsed. The 0.5 fibonacci level is found at $ 10,638.

Although there are bullish divergences in the RSI, the consequent rise has already taken place and the trend of the divergence has since been broken. The MACD is on the rise but has yet to reach positive territory.

At the moment, another test of the $ 10,350 area and perhaps the $ 10,115 area seems to be the most plausible scenario.

On September 19, it looks like BTC has started a bearish momentum (in blue below). If the count is correct, the price is approaching the top of wave 4, if it has not already reached it. Another downward movement is then expected. This would agree with the analysis in the previous section.

Also, by projecting the length of wave 1 to the top of wave 4, we get a target of $ 10,121 for the bottom of wave 5. This is the confluence of the fibonacci level 0.786 and a zone minor support.

This formation remains valid as long as the price does not pass the bottom of wave 1, located at $ 10,723.

In conclusion, Bitcoin’s price should drop to another low, near $ 10,100, before finally resuming its upward movement.

Garage floor epoxy coating is often sold as a single package with the first two-step epoxy and etching solutions, as well as decorative color chips for custom color selections. In some cases, you may be able to find this product sold separately from the main components. Some epoxies are designed for use on concrete floors and some are designed for use on rubber, vinyl, or composite surfaces. Deciding on which epoxy to use depends on several factors: type of garage flooring (ie. Concrete or vinyl), age of garage flooring, what types of stains and other marks are encountered, the amount of surface area affected, and how much maintenance is required.

There are two main categories of garage floor epoxy coatings: self-leveling and self-priming. The former involves applying epoxy to a flat surface in the garage and allowing it to dry overnight. Self-priming involves applying epoxy on the garage floor in layers, allowing it to cure overnight and then buffing off the next day. If you’re planning on applying a self-priming coating, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some manufacturers recommend applying a thin coat first and then adding a layer of coating.AllStar Concrete Coatings

Color selection is also limited, as most coatings are merely gray, white, or off-white. While many companies claim to offer multiple colors, most of them offer only a few. Many companies offer a limited color selection but don’t deliver. As such, if you want to have a vibrant color in your garage, you’re going to need to invest in a good epoxy product.

Most garage floor epoxy coatings can be applied with just a regular nail or a trowel. You should read the instructions on the package carefully to ensure that your specific coatings will bond properly. Make sure to read the instructions and do not mix different epoxies with another company’s products or apply your garage floor epoxy coatings more than three to four weeks apart.

As mentioned above, garage floor epoxy coating requires the least amount of maintenance possible. This is because the coating will be cured with the garage floor itself, so it’s typically left alone for several days to days until it hardens completely and becomes completely rigid.

The primary disadvantage of garage floor epoxy coatings is their relatively limited color choices. Many companies offer different color options, but they are not as wide-ranging or versatile as the options offered by other epoxy brands.

Another great option for choosing a durable, long-lasting coating is to create your own garage floor paint. The key to creating a paint that will withstand the wear and tear of traffic and weather is a high-quality paint that is applied properly, so that its coloring is as varied and rich as possible.

The color variety available for garage floor epoxy coatings is limited but they still provide a great way to customize the look of a garage. If your goal is to create a paint that will remain attractive for years to come, then you’re definitely better off using a paint with color choices other than gray, white, or black. Look at a variety of paint colors before settling on a color to purchase, especially if you plan on selling your home later. Some garage floor epoxy paints are available in solid color shades, like black and white, but other paints are available in several unique color combinations.

When considering purchasing garage floor paint, remember that some companies use an inferior type of paint and may contain harmful chemicals. Before making a purchase, check the epoxy manufacturer’s website for its history and reviews from real customers.

You might also want to consider epoxy paint over wood flooring if you have limited space and need a quick fix solution. If your garage is completely enclosed, then it is a good idea to use an epoxy coating instead of a concrete floor.

Overall, garage floor epoxy coatings are a great way to protect your garage floor from damage and deterioration. Whether you use them to create a professional look or create a fun and colorful surface to add curb appeal, epoxy is definitely worth the investment.

It might be hard to believe (and justify) (or afford) a high-priced designer handbag that costs the same as an iPhone, or even a home. But today we’re going to take a closer look at some of today’s top designer handbags that are far less expensive than ever.

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One of the most famous designer bag is the Gucci. This famous designer has been around for a long time, and this bag is one of their best selling items.

Finally, Gucci is not just known for their designer bags. These bags come in all kinds of different styles and come in a variety of colors as well. Their handbags range from simple casual style bags, to the more elaborate handbags that feature embroidery and other embellishments.

You may also want to consider looking into other designer bag brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. You should keep in mind that these two designer brands are usually far more expensive but offer much better quality.

Designer bags are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. So if you’re ready to buy some designer bags for yourself, remember to look around and you should find the right designer bag at an affordable price.

When buying a designer bag, make sure that it fits you. If you don’t have any extra room in your closet, you may want to purchase an off the rack purse. Some stores will even allow you to try on their handbags in person, before you buy them.

Also keep in mind that bags don’t always fit just because they’re cheap. Even the Gucci bag, which is an expensive handbag, isn’t necessarily going to fit just about anyone. It’s important to know your size and figure out what size bag you need.

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While there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy new designer handbags, it’s still nice to try out some of the less expensive handbags. You can also get designer handbags for next to nothing, if you just take some time to search around online.

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No matter what size or style you need, there’s a good quality bag out there for you to choose from. Just make sure you buy from a reputable company to avoid falling prey to knockoff designer handbags!

As autoridades mongóis colocaram o kibosh em eletricidade barata para os mineiros de criptografia, a Venezuela está vendo o uso saudável de criptografia fora das trocas aprovadas pelo governo e um „bug crítico“ deixou 13% dos nós de Ethereum inúteis.

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Prateleira superior

O Bakkt está de volta?

O crescente interesse institucional está ajudando a impulsionar um recente pico de volume na Bakkt, de acordo com seu presidente, Adam White. O volume de negócios de futuros de Immediate Edge fisicamente liquidados na Bakkt subiu para $134 milhões na terça-feira, a partir de uma alta anterior de $132 milhões em 28 de julho, relata Muyao Shen. Fisicamente liquidado significa que os compradores recebem fichas no vencimento ao invés de dinheiro.

„Não é uma aposta no preço do bitcoin“, disse White. „Não depende de um preço de índice criado a partir de mercados não regulamentados à vista que se auto-relatam os seus dados.“ Apesar do recente aumento, Bakkt ainda fica atrás do CME Group, uma bolsa maior, regulada pelos EUA. Os dados mostram que os volumes diários agregados de futuros de bitcoin no Bakkt e na CME estavam em 279 milhões e 1,5 bilhões de dólares, respectivamente, na segunda-feira.

A moratória da mineração mongol?

Mais de 20 fazendas de mineração de bitcoin na Mongólia Interior da China foram despojadas dos benefícios da eletricidade depois de uma repressão por parte do governo local. Um documento emitido pelo Departamento de Tecnologia Industrial e de Informação da Região Autônoma da Mongólia Interior em 24 de agosto, mostra que a agência governamental suspendeu os descontos de eletricidade concedidos pela empresa estatal de comércio de energia regional, após inspeções no local que constataram que muitos supostos centros de dados eram na verdade instalações de mineração de bitcoin. Com a mudança de política, os custos de eletricidade poderiam chegar a 0,38 yuan por kWh ($0,054), acima de 0,26-0,28 yuan por kWh ($0,037 a $0,040), relata Wolfie Zhou da CoinDesk.

A economia criptográfica da Venezuela

Um novo relatório Chainalysis focado na América Latina encontrou a Venezuela em terceiro lugar no mundo em adoção de criptografia, atrás da Ucrânia e da Rússia. A Venezuela adotou uma atitude amigável à criptografia em meio a sanções paralisantes e hiperinflação, embora a maior parte do uso de varejo esteja acontecendo através de mercados peer-to-peer, não através de trocas aprovadas pelo governo. A estatal Criptolago, uma das únicas sete bolsas com aprovação do governo, viu um volume de US$ 380.000 em dólar ajustado no último ano em comparação com os US$ 242 milhões da LocalBitcoins no mesmo período.

Centralização do cliente

Um „bug crítico“ deixou 13% dos nós do Ethereum inúteis, e pode levar semanas ou meses para ser corrigido. Parity-Ethereum e OpenEthereum versões 2.7 e posteriores contêm um bug que impede a sincronização dos nós com o último bloco de 43 bilhões de dólares da rede.

Os clientes são diferentes implementações de linguagem de programação de software blockchain, uma forma de fortalecer a rede por ter sistemas concorrentes, porém separados, rodando. Este bug destacou a questão da centralização do cliente, já que o cliente Geth da Fundação Ethereum agora suporta cerca de 80% da rede Ethereum, relata Will Foxley da CoinDesk.

Previsões selvagens

Tyler e Cameron Winklevoss, primeiros investidores criptográficos e fundadores da Gemini, acreditam que a fraqueza do sistema financeiro dos EUA e outros fatores significam que o bitcoin pode um dia chegar a 500.000 dólares por moeda. Em um post no blog da Winklevoss Capital, na quinta-feira, os dois apresentaram „problemas fundamentais“ com o ouro, o petróleo e o dólar dos EUA como lojas de valor.

„Mesmo antes da COVID-19, e apesar da mais longa corrida de touro da história econômica dos EUA, o governo estava gastando dinheiro como um marinheiro bêbado, cortando impostos como o Crazy Eddie, e imprimindo dinheiro como uma república de banana“, escrevem os irmãos. Eles se encontraram recentemente com Dave Portnoy, um importante negociante de dia, e disseram-lhe que o ouro poderia ser desvalorizado se figuras como Elon Musk começassem a extrair asteróides de ouro.

Em jogo

Hordas minadas

Os mineiros de bitcoin estão segurando mais bitcoins do que em qualquer ponto nos últimos dois anos.

Isso pode sinalizar um aumento de bullishness sobre ganhos futuros, disse Zack Voell da CoinDesk.

Os mineiros estão com mais de 1,82 milhões de bitcoins, um aumento de aproximadamente 2% no último ano, de acordo com dados da Glassnode. Na verdade, isso faz parte de uma tendência maior, onde a porcentagem de todos os bitcoins inativos (o que significa que não foi negociada ou descontada) atingiu um pico de quatro anos na última primavera.

Thomas Heller, ex-diretor da F2Pool, disse que este foi um indicador de alta, pois parece que os detentores podem estar antecipando um preço mais alto.

Para ter certeza, ninguém é clarividente, mas estamos falando de sentimento de mercado. Mas há outra razão técnica que os mineiros, em particular, podem estar mantendo: as fábricas de mineração estão em um ciclo de implantação de máquinas de mineração mais novas.

Essa fase do „ciclo de hardware“ significa que as despesas operacionais diminuíram e, portanto, o número de bitcoin vendidos para cobrir essas despesas também diminuiu, disse Harry Sudock, vice-presidente de estratégia da GRIID. Presumivelmente, os custos teriam disparado há meses, quando os mineiros estavam a encomendar as máquinas que estão agora a ser implantadas.

À medida que os mineiros implantam novas máquinas, eles também tiveram um aumento de 7% na receita mensal em julho, de acordo com dados da rede analisados pela CoinDesk, graças à recente valorização dos preços e ao aumento das taxas de transação.

Webinar ao vivo: O Que Esperar Quando a Fase 0 Lança

O Ethereum, a segunda maior moeda criptográfica do mundo por capitalização de mercado, deve passar por uma atualização radical do sistema para melhorar a escalabilidade e eficiência da rede até o início do próximo ano. Junte-se à CoinDesk Research no dia 10 de setembro às 13h30 ET para uma discussão ao vivo enquanto examinamos os impactos potenciais de mercado do lançamento do que é conhecido como Ethereum 2.0.

Devido à sua enorme complexidade, o Ethereum 2.0 será lançado em várias fases, começando pela Fase 0. Não perca a oportunidade de entender os riscos, benefícios e previsões para a próxima fase desta tecnologia.

Informações de mercado

As sebes crescem

O bitcoin e o ouro estão revertendo as perdas observadas na quinta-feira após o anúncio do Federal Reserve de uma abordagem mais relaxada para combater a inflação ter enviado um tremor através dos mercados. O Bitcoin recuperou de volta acima dos 11.450 dólares na sexta-feira, apagando quase 70% do declínio de 11.594 dólares para 11.141 dólares, ontem. O ouro, também, subiu de volta para $1.960, tendo caído para $1.910 após o evento. „O discurso de Powell sugere que não há fim à vista [para a política de dinheiro fácil do Fed]“, disse John Kramer, trader da GSR. Simplificando, o discurso de Powell parece ter fortalecido o caso de alta de longo prazo do bitcoin, relata Omkar Godbole, da CoinDesk.

Tech pod

Lobby WabiSabi

Carteira de software Bitcoin focada na privacidade A Wasabi está trabalhando em um novo design de protocolo, apelidado de WabiSabi, para melhorar a experiência do usuário e a privacidade das transações CoinJoin da carteira, o repórter técnico da CoinDesk Colin Harper relata. A grande mudança de design permitiria aos utilizadores juntarem-se com valores diferentes dos seus pares, uma novidade para a tecnologia, reduziria o papel de coordenador centralizado e potencialmente permitiria o envio de CoinJoin a outros utilizadores. Este processo operaria em segundo plano se funcionasse como o Wasabi o prevê, abrindo a possibilidade de fazer „cada gasto de um CoinJoin“.

Sem taxas

USD Coin (USDC) integrou „meta transações“ à plataforma stablecoin para eliminar as taxas pagas à cadeia de bloqueio Ethereum ao enviar dinheiro. „Isto permite que as pessoas possam financiar suas carteiras não-custódio com USDC e começar a usar DeFi/dapps sem também ter que possuir ETH“, disse Peter Jihoon Kim, desenvolvedor da Coinbase. Adotado como parte de uma atualização do protocolo, USDC 2.0, o Consórcio Centro também anunciou um novo sistema de assinatura na cadeia, relata Will Foxley, da CoinDesk. Fundada pela Coinbase e Circle, a USDC é a segunda maior moeda estável por limite de mercado, com $1,4 bilhões.


A técnica sobre as leis

Shiv Malik, co-fundador da Intergenerational Foundation think tank e chefe de crescimento da Streamr, acha que políticas como o GDPR da Europa ou o „dividendo de dados“ de Andrew Yang são inadequadas para colocar os utilizadores de volta no controlo dos seus dados. „Aqui está uma forma de combater a tecnologia com tecnologia que também pode resultar na mudança das estruturas económicas subjacentes“, escreve, nomeadamente através de protocolos de código aberto e descentralizados. „Não devemos exigir um dízimo, devemos retomar o controlo dos nossos dados“.

Canto do podcast

A desagregação

O Breakdown apresenta tudo o que você precisa saber sobre o endereço de Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole.

Le Bitcoin Lightning Network est connu pour son innovation, et une plateforme de trading lancée l’année dernière a récemment prouvé ce qui peut être fait avec la technologie. LN Markets, une plate-forme de dérivés Bitcoin alimentée par Lightning Network , est peut-être encore dans sa phase de test alpha, mais elle vient juste d’obtenir un financement pour le développement ultérieur de sa plate-forme après avoir connu un énorme succès depuis ses phases de test lancées l’année dernière.

Le trading du réseau Bitcoin Lightning rendu possible

LN Markets agit comme la plupart des autres échanges décentralisés en ce sens qu’il permet aux utilisateurs de se connecter à la plate-forme à l’aide de leur portefeuille plutôt que d’avoir à envoyer de l’argent à l‘ échange et à négocier de cette manière. Les transactions Bitcoin standard seraient trop lentes à utiliser à des fins de trading basées sur un portefeuille , mais le mécanisme de paiement instantané du Lightning Network est la technologie parfaite à utiliser pour le trading décentralisé utilisant Bitcoin.

LN Markets a lancé le test bêta de sa plate-forme de dérivés en décembre de l’année dernière et l’Alpha en mars de cette année, juste un jour avant le crash épique de Bitcoin Method à 3580 $ . Le lancement initial s’est avéré incroyablement populaire, avec un volume de transactions de 10 millions de dollars réalisé sur plus de 22000 transactions, une grande réussite pour un produit de test basé sur une technologie qui n’a pas encore connu de succès grand public.

LN Markets à la recherche d’un lancement complet

Le succès des tests alpha et bêta a donné à l’équipe de LN Markets la confiance nécessaire pour rechercher des financements supplémentaires, un processus qu’ils ont commencé en juillet de cette année. Ce cycle de financement s’est clôturé avec succès la semaine dernière, avec des investissements comme Bitfinex et Arcane Crypto.

Le cœur de la plate-forme fonctionnant clairement bien, le financement servira probablement à la construire à un point tel qu’un lancement complet puisse avoir lieu.

Ätherische Wale trotz immensen Preisverfalls weiter auf dem Vormarsch

Aktualisierte Statistiken von Santiment, einer Online-Website für sozialanalytische Krypto-Währungen, bestätigen, dass Ethereum-Wale wie nie zuvor in den Krypto-Währungsmarkt pumpen. Der Rückgang der Ethereum-Preise hat überraschenderweise die Zahl der Wale, die sich in den letzten Tagen verdoppelt hat, nicht gestört. Der technische Twitter-Analyst Ali Martinez, der diese Informationen von Bitcoin Up auf Twitter teilte, stellt fest, dass über 50 neue Wale auf den Markt gekommen sind. Gegenwärtig gibt es keinen konkreten Anteil an der Gesamtzahl, die sich sekündlich erhöht. Innerhalb von drei Tagen sind etwa 70 neue Wale auf dem Ethereum-Markt aufgenommen worden.

Bekannt dafür, große Summen zu halten und zu investieren, halten alle ankommenden Wale $1.000 bis $10.000 in Ethereum. Mit den oben genannten Kennzahlen kann man mit Sicherheit sagen, dass in weniger als einer Woche ein Minimum von etwa 100.000 $ in den Ethereum-Markt geflossen ist. Bei diesem Tempo ist nicht abzusehen, wie viele neue Brieftaschenadressen erfasst werden könnten, aber wenn diese Dynamik beibehalten wird, könnten sich sowohl die Anzahl der Brieftaschenadressen als auch der gesamte Geldwert in der nächsten Woche verdreifachen.

Die Verwirrung darüber, warum die Wale zu diesem Zeitpunkt auf den Markt drängen, ist berechtigt

Viele begeisterte Nutzer von Krypto-Währungen sind sich jedoch wahrscheinlich bereits bewusst, dass die Bewegungen der Wale nicht von der aktuellen Marktlage bestimmt oder beeinflusst werden.

Tatsächlich haben die meisten Investoren wiederholt darauf hingewiesen, dass ein Bärenmarkt die beste Zeit für Investitionen in Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin und Ethereum ist, vor allem weil einem Bärenmarkt immer ein Bullenlauf vorausgehen soll, auch wenn es manchmal länger dauert als erwartet.

Aber dennoch wirkt sich dies zugunsten der Wale aus, die investieren und erwarten, viel später Gewinne zu erzielen. In der Zwischenzeit arbeiten die meisten Investoren in der Regel mit Fundamentalanalysen. Wenn eine Krypto-Währung in den nächsten Jahren vielversprechend und profitabel erscheint, wollen Investoren dies in der Regel so schnell wie möglich ausnutzen.

Für den alltäglichen Handel ist der ETH-Handelskurs nicht der ermutigendste und profitabelste. Dies war in den ersten Augustwochen nicht der Fall, als die ETH auf einen Kursausbruch drängte. Als der Ausbruch, der zu Preisen von über 400 $ führte, endlich verzeichnet wurde, steuerten die Kurse weiter auf einen weiteren Ausbruch zu, und es wurden neue Widerstandsniveaus verzeichnet.

Es folgte ein Absinken auf frühere Unterstützungsniveaus von 380 $, bevor am 2. September ein Jahreshoch von 480 $ erreicht wurde. In der Zukunft könnten Ethereum und andere Altmünzen weiter fallen, da Bitcoin innerhalb der Woche einen leichten Rückgang verzeichnet hat. Die Chancen, dass die Handelspreise steigen, sind ebenso wahrscheinlich wie die Preise einen Abwärtstrend nehmen. Zum Zeitpunkt dieses Berichts, da die Bullen langsam zurückkehren, könnte der Bärentrend jedoch nur vorübergehend sein.

Begrenset tilbud og økende etterspørsel presser Bitcoin til å bli digitalt gull.

I september nyhetsbrev om crypto outlook observerte Bloombergs analytiker Mike McGlone at prisen på Bitcoin ( BTC ) enten kunne være på vei til $ 500 000-marken, eller den kunne mislykkes

McGlone har fortsatt å gjenta at etter hans syn er Bitcoin Era satt til å bli digitalt gull. Han understreket nok en gang hvordan Bitcoins begrensede tilbud og økende etterspørsel var viktige adopsjonsindikatorer, og trakk sammenligninger med bull-run 2017:

”Mye av det brede markedet for kryptoaktiva gjenspeiler 2017s overdrivelser, men stiftelsen styrker seg på grunn av utvidede desentraliserte børser (DEX) og økonomi (DeFi)

Begrenset tilbud mot økende etterspørsel er bunnlinjen for Bitcoin, med makroøkonomisk underbygging som støtter marsjen mot markedsverdi av gull, til en pris på $ 500.000 etter noen estimater. Eller det kan mislykkes. ”

Anslagene som analytikeren refererer til er sannsynligvis basert på antagelser om at Bitcoins markedsverdi til slutt vil bli paritet med gull på 9 billioner dollar. Å dele dette tallet med den maksimale tilførselen av Bitcoin på 21 millioner produserer 428 571 dollar. En lignende følelse ble nylig uttalt av Morgan Creek Digital medstifter Anthony Pompliano .

Null til fem hundre tusen gir en ganske god feilmargin, usannsynlig vil Bloomberg bli bevist feil når som helst snart.

Er is een nieuwe account aangemaakt om continu bij te houden hoeveel Barstool Sports oprichter Dave Portnoy zou winnen als hij zijn Bitcoin-voorraad niet op 21 augustus zou verkopen nadat de prijs met 1000 dollar was gedaald.

Bitcoin is sindsdien begonnen te herstellen en handelt boven het $11.600 steunniveau, waardoor de $11.800 weerstand wordt doorbroken. Volgens de rekening met de naam „Portnoy’s BTC Would be Worth“ zou de 17.4 BTC van Stool Presidente, die hij op 13 augustus voor 200.000 dollar kocht, $1000 meer waard zijn aan $205.546.

Na het liquideren van zijn Bitcoin, LINK en Orchideeën portefeuille, zei Portnoy dat hij niet verwachtte te kopen bij een top en geld te verliezen omdat verliezen van welke aard dan ook onaanvaardbaar zijn. Hij verduidelijkte onlangs dat hij in totaal $1,25 miljoen in de crypto-markt investeerde en $25.000 verloor.

„Mijn geld was gewoon beter op het werk in de echte aandelenmarkt waar ik elke dag 6 vijgen maak.“

Crypto Twitter gaat nog steeds achter Portnoy aan…

De rekening maakt deel uit van het voortdurende aanprijzen door crypto Twitter, die Portnoy belachelijk heeft gemaakt voor het verlaten van de crypto markt na zijn eerste ontmoeting met de volatiliteit van de crypto markt.

Sommige commentaren suggereren zelfs dat er een andere account voor potentiële LINK-winsten moet worden aangemaakt, bijgewerkt en herzien, vooral na twee jaar waarin de prijs van Bitcoin naar verwachting exponentieel is gestegen.

De uitgesproken dagtijdhandelaar is teruggegaan naar de aandelenhandel en zegt dat het meer vertrouwd terrein is en hij kan al dan niet heroverwegen om terug te gaan naar het verhandelen van cryptocurrencies in de toekomst.

Portnoy’s meerdere pogingen om zijn beslissing te verdedigen zijn meestal in dovemansoren gevallen, waarbij veel mensen hem ervan beschuldigen dat hij zwak is omdat hij bang is voor prijscorrecties. Portnoy zei echter dat hij de voorkeur geeft aan aandelen boven crypto.

„Ik heb niets tegen Crypto jongens. Ze zijn gewoon zo geobsedeerd door crypto dat ze zich niet realiseren dat er een veel eenvoudigere en veiligere en snellere manier is om geld te verdienen op dit moment. De aandelenmarkt is gratis geld.“

De meerderheid van de crypto Twitter lijkt gelukkig met het uitwisselen van vijandelijkheden met Portnoy, maar anderen hebben hun bezorgdheid geuit over het schadelijke effect dat crypto maximalisten kunnen doen op de adoptie van digitale activa door mainstream investeerders.

LINK schommelde kortstondig met 7% op 22 augustus, maar de munt is verder gezakt met 6%, momenteel handelend op een dieptepunt van $15. De prijs terugtrekken heeft nu Portnoy denken om terug te kopen in.

„Hoe laag moet ik de $link laten gaan voordat ik er weer in ga? Zinken als steen?“


In an interview with Cointelegraph, Adam Traidman, the CEO of the BRD wallet provider, said he ran a phone support line for crypt coin users during the company’s early days.

After starting BRD, formerly called Breadwallet, in 2015, Traidman recalls that the company’s CMO decided to launch the „Bitcoin Therapy Line“ without consulting the other company executives.

Traidman initially thought the idea was crazy, stating, „At that time, other large Bitcoin companies like Coinbase and others had no phone support, and their average email response times were days or weeks. And there we were, without any proper system, […] literally with only a phone and a human.“

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„Flooded with calls“
Despite his concern, Traidman stated that the company was immediately „flooded with calls“.

„We offered a hotline so people could call and ask basic questions, and I asked everyone in my company to spend a few hours a week answering the phone.“

Traidman observed that many callers were struggling to find a way to prove the validity of their Internet connection, many of whom were frustrated by the lack of resources related to cryptomonics outside of it.

Traidman reports talking to a wide range of people from all walks of life, including a Kansas plumber and a retired military officer who lives near Manila.

„It really touched people. Now I look back and I’m really glad we did it,“ he said.

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Crypto education is key
Traidman stressed the importance of educational resources to boost the adoption of cryptoactives.

He noted that Corona Millionaire therapy phone line „only reached a small part of the world,“ adding that „there is a lot more information that needs to be given on the consumer side and on the business side.

While acknowledging that there is currently some inequality in the education of consumers and companies about blockchain technology, Traidman predicts that both sides „will meet in the middle“ and drive accelerated adoption.

„Think of it as the early days of the Internet. You see a huge boost in adoption by enthusiasts and people sometimes doing good things, sometimes doing bad things. And then when corporations get involved, […] they offer products and services that touch many more users and many more eyes. And as a result of that, it’s like a bridge over that gap.“

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Traidman said the growing number of high-tech companies such as Robinhood and Square and large banks such as Fidelity and JPMorgan are similarly driving consumers and businesses forward with regard to cryptomonies.

„I think you’ll see … those two worlds coming together where the consumer and the business coincide, that’s when it’s really going to start growing fast,“ Traidman added.